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Biography:  Juana Rafaela Clarke is a self-taught photographer who has had a lifelong interest in photography.  Born in San Fernando, Trinidad, Juana was introduced to photography at a young age by her father, who taught her how to compose photos and capture light using his assortment of 35mm manually adjusted cameras. 

Over the years she maintained a keen interest in photography, but it was not until her son gifted her a Nikon D80 SLR camera on her 50th birthday that she developed a professional interest in photography and has purseit as a serious hobby since 2010.  

Currently her work can be identified in specific categories: landscapes, lifestyle portraits and macros of fauna and floraprinted on several medium including: canvas, metal, archival paper and acrylic. Juana lives in Connecticut, USA with her husband of 39 years, Gary Clarke and works in Health Care Finance & Administration. 

Inspiration: I was introduced to photography by my father, Ralph Belgrave, a teacher, and himself an amateur photographer.  I continue to be inspired by his example to capture unique perspectives in nature.  I am also inspired by international travel and experiencing different cultures and try to present ordinary things as I see them, sharing the world “through my eyes”.

Artist Perspective: Photography allows me the opportunity to “Capture One Moment in Time,” a moment when everything aligns to create a single instance of unsurpassed beauty, a moment that did not exist in the past and will never be replicated in the future. My goal is to capture that one unique moment that can never be duplicated.

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