Product Descriptions

High-quality photo prints

It’s more than a print. It’s a memory worth holding on to. Printed with archival-quality inks on professional-grade photo paper, these are real keepers, meant to be enjoyed for years to come.
You can also choose:
  • Matte or glossy finish
  • Mail order or pick up in store

The Gallery Acrylic Facemount Print

On the Gallery Acrylic Facemount, there is no added space between the acrylic and the print. This enhances the image and its colors and reflects them brilliantly in your home or gallery.

This vibrant option’s unique style has easily become a favorite among professional artists and galleries.

Image Colors appear more brilliant & sharper than in a traditional picture frame. Gallery Acrylic Facemount utilizes a proprietary process whereby the print face is adhered to 1/8” high-gloss acrylic. The back of the print is adhered to 1/8” dibond (aluminum composite)

It has a 3/4” deep recessed back frame to give “floating” effect.
The Cleat system for hanging; simple yet secure



The Floatmount Print

The floatmount has a recessed back frame that creates the illusion your image is floating against the wall.

The beveled edge’s slight angle adds a sliver of color around your image, and with 11 different color choices you can find the best option to perfectly accentuate your image.

A Ultra Violet (UV) non-glare film applied to face of print. The print is mounted to 1/8” graphic quality tempered masonite.
A 3/4” deep recessed back frame to create a “floating” effect.  It has a special grooved back frame for easy hanging.


The Canvas Prints

Canvas printing is the latest development in photography with the help of new technology. This is a new way to transform photos into their most beautiful form. These canvas prints are durable and unique artworks.

Lifespan of Canvas Prints: A canvas print has an average life span of fifty-six years.


The best way to protect canvas prints is through lamination. Lamination is a liquid coating that is sprayed on a canvas prints or a thin transparent film that is sealed on the print. Lamination gives vibrancy to the canvas by enhancing the color contrast of the photograph. Lamination makes the canvas print more attractive to the eye.

 Protection Through lamination: Lamination protects canvas prints from the following types of physical damage:

  • Lamination protects the canvas print from abrasions, scratches and other physical damages such as chipping and cracking.
  • Lamination protects the canvas print from humidity which can trigger molds and fungus to grow on canvas while causing a permanent damage. This benefit is most advantageous for people living in the tropics.
  • Lamination protects the canvas print from harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays which damage the color resolution of a canvas.
  • Lamination protects the canvas from air borne pollutants and several kinds of weathering.

 Cleaning a Laminated Canvas Print: Cleaning is very easy:  simply wipe off dirt, dust, smudges and grease using a damp cloth or water. This saves people from the worry of cleaning their canvas prints and damaging them.

Lifespan of Canvas Prints: With lamination the life of a canvas print can be prolonged for a hundred years or more.