Watermelon by Bicycle

Watermelon by Bicycle, Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth, Jamaica:
This is a scene that is uniquely Treasure Beach. How to transport a watermelon when you came on your bicycle? You place it on your very strong neck, hop on, and rid. The ingenuity of Island life is forever resilient! Just get the job done. “No problem man!”
Located a winding 3-hour journey by car from Montego Bay’s International Airport, Treasure Beach is a six-mile stretch of coral-colored and sometimes black sands, private coves and rocky shores. It is the generic name given to four coves and their associated settlements: Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Calabash Bay and Great Pedro Bay. This amazing beach is dotted with cafes and rustic restaurants like Smurf’s Cafe where Reggae music is the soundtrack of choice and Red Stripe beers are available everywhere.