Bays of the North Coast, Trinidad

Bays of the North Coast from “The Lookout” on North Coast Road, Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹:
The North Coast of Trinidad is dominated by the mountains of the Northern Range. This includes Trinidad’s highest mountain, El Cerro del Aripo, and its oldest rock formations. The northern slopes meet the Caribbean Sea, and the southern slopes end in the Caroni Plains. The country’s best beaches can be found on the rugged north coast including Maracas Bay and Las Cuevas. The scenic North Coast Road, built by American troops during World War II, soon branches off to the left, crossing the hills and then hugging the steep north coast high above the sea. As it begins to descend, a lookout provides a view of the rugged coastline and Maracas Bay. You can pick up snacks here, and you risk being serenaded by a local calypsonian.