Queen’s Royal College, Trinidad

Queen’s Royal College, Trinidad:
Queen’s Royal College, referred to for short as QRC, by alumni, is the second oldest secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago and is still regarded as the country’s bastion of secondary-school education. The college is noted for its famous German Renaissance architecture and tradition of multi-faceted education, which continues to produce some of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading thinkers, athletes, artists and politicians. The building is one of the Magnificent Seven, a group of late Victorian buildings built in an eccentric and flamboyant variety of styles located on the western Side of the Queen’s Park Savannah. The origin of QRC goes back to the Stuart Grammar School, at the corner of Duke and Edward Street, whose Principal was Edward Stuart. The intention was, “that its advantages should be open to those of every race and every religion, and that the education given should be of a decidedly superior character.”