Dramatic Sunset over the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad

Dramatic Sunset over the Gulf of Paria, Trinidad:
The Gulf of Paria is a 7,800 sq km shallow semi-enclosed inland sea located between the island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the east coast of Venezuela. It separates the two countries by as little as 15 km at its narrowest and 120 km at its widest points.The Gulf of Paria is considered to be one of the best natural harbors on the Atlantic coast of the Americas.
The jurisdiction of the Gulf of Paria is split between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela with Trinidad and Tobago having control over approximately 38% and Venezuela 62%. In the north, the gulf is connected to the Caribbean Sea through the Dragons’ Mouths between the Paria Peninsula of Venezuela and the Chaguaramas Peninsula of Trinidad. In the south, the gulf is connected to the Atlantic through the Columbus Channel, also known as the Serpent’s Mouth, between the Cedros Peninsula and the Orinoco Delta.